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If you are employed by a federal, state, or local government agency in New Mexico, you must provide this information to the Human Resources Bureau. You take part in examinations of federal and state institutions and must be able to defend your work certificates against examinations.

In order to fulfil the tasks of the job, employees are often exposed to work in the presence of moving mechanical parts. Surveying work includes removing buried pipes, installing new pipes and other equipment. Physical work can be done by repairing cathode protection rectifiers, repairing pipe coatings, exothermal welding and installing cathode protection testing stations and connections. In order to perform all these functions and activities, an employee is often exposed to the environment, such as hot and cold temperatures, humidity, wind, rain, snow, dust, heat, cold, etc.

We urge all New Mexicans to make only the trips necessary for health, safety and prosperity. We urge the residents of New Mexico and their families, friends and family members, and all visitors to the State of Mexico, to travel only those who are necessary for their health and safety, well-being and enjoyment of life.

New Mexicans who have questions or concerns related to non-health can also contact (833) 551-0518 or @ newmexico to inform their affected families, workers and others seeking more information about COVID 19. New Mexicans who have questions and concerns related to non-health and / or other health issues in the state of New Mexico or any other state or local government may also contact their families, employees and other affected persons at orvisit @ newmEXICO for more information on the health and safety concerns of those affected.

To determine your eligibility for a non-competitive position and understand the documentation required, please click the link above or contact the Servicing Human Resources Office listed at the end of this announcement and contact them at (801) 551-0518 or @ newmEXICO for more information. For information on whether you can apply for this job, see the Requirements section below.

Must have served 52 weeks as a current federal employee and meet all applicable time grade requirements as of Feb 16, 2001. Your CV must be in English and include the date on which you performed your duties in the position mentioned above, as well as any other applicable documents mentioned above. Please upload your CV along with all other relevant documents in addition to the CV and other necessary documents.

You may also be required to undergo training on supervision within 90 days of the transfer of this position. They can be temporarily, permanently or departmentally redeployed if they are assigned to the Academy. Other choices also exist for the locations listed above and may require multiple training disciplines to support the position's tasks, as well as additional training and / or experience in a variety of other disciplines.

The following characteristics of the working environment described here are of crucial importance to employees in performing the essential functions of the job. The following physical activities are described here: walking, running, cycling, swimming, climbing, jumping, skiing and other physical activities.

Once the job advertisement is closed, we will identify the most qualified candidates, assess their experience and training and forward the application to the Recruitment Manager. Candidates are vetted by the Office of Education and Development (OTD) and the Human Resources Department (HRD). All newly appointed supervisors and employees of Artesia New Mexico must undergo mandatory training. Certificates are only issued if the position has been designated for this position by our Office for Education & Development (OTD).

If you know you need to submit documents that you do not have in electronic form, please visit this link to get more information about the alternative application process. How to Apply: To start your online application, log into your existing account, follow the instructions and click on "Apply online" to create an @ usajobs account. Sign up for automatic email notifications to your @ USaj job account and stay informed of changes in your application status. This announcement confirms that you have the opportunity to share this application with others at DHS for similar positions.

You must be authorised by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to offer employment to current and former political appointees you have made to them. They must or must have been authorised by the Office of Personnel Management ("OPM") to offer employment to a current or former political representative.

Applicants who require adequate accommodation during the application process should follow the instructions in this vacancy notice. If you need adequate accommodation, please contact the Human Resources Management Office at 1-888-543-3200.

Workers with disabilities need accommodation to fulfil basic work duties and to gain access to the workplace. Federal agencies provide adequate housing when an applicant with a disability needs housing to have the same chances of applying for a job. Adequate housing is the way things normally work, allowing people with disabilities to not only apply for jobs, but also to fulfil their - the - duty to work and to have equal access and benefits. Current CBP employees are encouraged, but do not have to submit SF-50 (s) for their experience. If you use your federal experience with CBB to obtain credits for compliance, you may need an additional SF / 50-s.