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Today I drive to the state of New Mexico, a state with its rolling hills, plains and forests that sounds like a dice game, but is actually more of a roller coaster.

Summer is hot in Artesia, winter is short, cold and dry, and the weather is mostly clear all year round - round, but the sky is only about 10% as clear as it used to be. The cloud cover falls linearly and is 10 for cloudless skies and 0 for cloudy skies, with 1 for clouds.

The most common form of precipitation during the year is rain alone, with the number of days that it rains for at least three hours a year being the basis for the breakdown. The precipitation value, based on a three-hour precipitation rate around the hour in question, is linear and is 10 for precipitation and 0 for no precipitation.

If you are looking for a very warm time to visit Artesia, the hottest months are June, August and then July. If you are looking for dry weather, March, April and November are the driest months of the year, but also the warmest in terms of temperature.

With humidity, temperatures will feel very comfortable for much of the year, and 15-7ºC will feel comfortable in humidity and wind. There is a good chance of rain from the start to mid-September, but not much that would prevent heavy rain. The daily maximum temperatures are between 90 and 8 degrees and it rains an average of 1 to 3 days per week during this time.

The current weather forecast for Pinehill, NM, has sky conditions for the fair starting December 1, 2016, at 9: 30 a.m. local time. The horizontal axis is the day of the year, the vertical axis is the hours of the day and the colour is an average temperature for each hour of the day. An independent score is calculated from the perceived temperature and is matched with humidity and wind chill to better represent how hot or cold a day feels to a person.

Winds are light and are expected to be in the range of 20 to 30 km / h (10 to 15 miles per hour) with gusts up to 20 km / h.

The windiest phase of the year lasts 4 - 9 months and the quietest phase 1 - 3 months. The windiest day this year is April 11, the quieter day of the year is August 17 and the coldest day of August.

The wettest month is December (44.3%) and the wettest months are January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. Based on the tourism score, the most common reasons to visit Artesia in warm weather are: hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, swimming, hiking and hiking.

We estimate what the forecast may be at a given time by using the time before, after or at any desired time. This is based on the Universal Time Code (UTC), but note that the launch code prediction on this page does not specify a date.

The wind that occurs at a particular location is a measure of the wind speed and direction at the time of day. Intermittent wind speeds and directions vary more than the hourly average. The sky is clouded, and the clouds cover the sky from north, south, east, west, north - east and south - west.

The good news is that the overall homicide rate in New Mexico has fallen to 4% in recent years. To date, there are 80,580 covids (19% of all cases) that have been classified as recovered by the Mexican Ministry of Health. There are currently 81,603 cases of Covid (19%) for recovery and a total of 1,721 cases of HIV / AIDS.

This number may include individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 in another state or are currently hospitalized in New Mexico. This number could include people who tested positive for COVID / 19 outside the state but are in or currently hospitalized in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Utah and Washington.

Get service details, leave messages of condolence, send flowers to loved ones or contact the New Mexico Department of Health. New Mexicans with non-health issues or concerns can also call 833-551-0518 or visit newMexico, where information is updated for affected families, workers and others seeking more information about COVID / 19. All New Mexico health workers and other people with health problems, as well as all New Mexicans who have questions and concerns related to non-health issues or concerns, may also call (834) 552-4444 or the Office of the Department of Health and Human Services (OHHS) at (832) 643-3200 or visit New Mexico to update information on the number of affected families / workers / other affected persons and to obtain more information about CO VID / 19.

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More About Artesia